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About the company

Without hesitating, we want to sensitize you all some more about us. We happen to be the best providers of healthy pomeranian puppies. All the puppies which we provide for you happen to medically fit, stable and capable of going into another pet loving home capable of providing them all the love, care and affection they need. We habe well trained vets who handle catering and rasing your puppies. They raise all your puppies to be very pet healthy and friendly. They teach the puppies to be friendly, sociable and also accommodating especially when it comes to kids and other domestic animals. In this light, you who want to buy a Pomeranian puppy from us has to know that you are ordering from the best pet loving and friendly and active pomeranian.

Why choose us? Choose us because the has never been a day when we have dissapointed a client. Choose us because we only work with the best breeders who have a lot of experience in raising puppies especially the pomeranian breed. In addition, we work with a team of experience veterinarians who do their weekly vaccination on all our puppies making sure they stay healthy and medically fit to live in any pet loving home conducive for their well being and livelihood. You can rest assured that our breeders are very trustworthy and also responsible. High quality control standards are high, ensuring that the puppies we provide are raised in excellent healthy environments. Our puppies are 100% healthy, happy, and playful, emotional and also sensitive. They will never get the negative consequences from being isolated or lack of socialization like most puppies at a conventional pet store. Our puppies stay with their litter mates and get all the socialization they need until they’re ready to go home.

We have been breeding quality Pomeranian dogs since 1992. We provide well-bred, sweet tempered puppies for companion, showing, likewise breeding. Place your orders now to get your pom puppy of your choice. The is no way you will order a puppy from us without coming back with a testimonial and a huge smile. Nonetheless, our puppies come with all accessories, medical records and papers. In addition, we send all our puppies alongside feeding manuals and tools. All our puppies come with a medical assurance for one year. You need to ensure you have to take your puppy consistently to the vet for check ups and also ensuring they are current on all shots and vaccines. We urge all our clients to make sure they raise their puppies with love and also a lot of affection.  So come all in massive number and get the best pets Pomeranian puppies from us without any fears. We deliver globally which barely takes few days and also around the USA and South America which takes days.

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