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All our Pomeranian puppies happen to be very healthy likewise good with children and other pets and will come with a Health certificate and 30 Days money back Guarantee
They are extra pictures and videos available all you need to do is contact us and make a choice. To get them, please Contact Us Now


About Us

We have been breeding quality Pomeranian dogs since 1992. We provide well-bred, sweet tempered puppies for companion, showing, likewise breeding. Place your orders now to get your pom puppy of your choice.


Available Pomeranian

Pomeranians make loving, enduring companions. Many hard work likewise attention insures a good beginning for the pups under our care. Contact us to see available puppies and upcoming litters.


30 days money back guarantee

In thirty days, if you are not satisfied with your puppy or puppies, then you can solicit for a refund from us directly. However, it will take less than 24 hours for us to provide your money back to you. However, you will need to give our puppy in a very healthy condition. This means that  you will need to bring forth a medical record to proof that you’ve been catering for the puppies or puppy medicall throughout the period he, she or they were sold to you.

Parents Of The Puppies

Healthy Pomeranian puppies for sale

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Pomeranian Pups for sale

Why Choose Us

Choose us because the has never been a day when we have dissapointed a client. Choose us because we only work with the best breeders who have a lot of experience in raising puppies especially the pomeranian breed. In addition, we work with a team of experience veterinarians who do their weekly vaccination on all our puppies making sure they stay healthy and medically fit to live in any pet loving home conducive for their well being and livelihood. You can rest assured that our breeders are very trustworthy and also responsible. High quality control standards are high, ensuring that the puppies we provide are raised in excellent healthy environments. Our puppies are 100% healthy, happy, and playful, emotional and also sensitive. They will never get the negative consequences from being isolated or lack of socialization like most puppies at a conventional pet store. Our puppies stay with their litter mates and get all the socialization they need until they’re ready to go home.


happy clients



Without hesitating, we want to sensitize you all some more about us. We happen to be the best providers of healthy pomeranian puppies. All the puppies which we provide for you happen to medically fit, stable and capable of going into another pet loving home capable of providing them all the love, care and affection they need. We habe well trained vets who handle catering and rasing your puppies. They raise all your puppies to be very pet healthy and friendly. They teach the puppies to be friendly, sociable and also accommodating especially when it comes to kids and other domestic animals. In this light, you who want to buy a Pomeranian puppy from us has to know that you are ordering from the best pet loving and friendly and active pomeranian.

What some of our clients say

Below, is a list of testimonials from our happy clients. They happen to be satisfied with all the puppies they purchase from us. So much that they had to come to us and say how happy they are. Thease are some of the things that make us really happy and also multivates us to do more.

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Elis Maggies

I got the most amazing playful pomeranian puppies from you guys. I changing the ownership from your names to my names, we officially call her Maggie. She is a very active, sensitive and emotional pomeranian puppy. She is the best company anyone can desire. Thanks guys.

Mollie Russ

I will not lie I was very scared when you guys asked me to do a depositi of $550 before getting the puppy. Since my daughter was in love with Cloud I decided to do so jut so I get it for her. Believe me when I was shocked when the puppy got her. We love her and we call her Cloud.


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Contact us

To contact us is very easy, all you need to do is go to our website, navigate to the contact us page, fill and submit. Additionally, you can click on the buy me under the puppy of your choice it will take you to our contact us page still. However, you can also write us on the online chat and we will still give you more directives. Additionally, you can email us. Which ever means you choose, be certain we will get back to you with more information in regards to how you will make payment and also how you will receive your puppy.

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